Friday, January 25, 2008

The To Do List!

Where would I be without a to do list? Honestly, I have been beleaguered by a 100 little tasks that I needed to accomplish for weeks and not getting them done. This morning I woke up (before the neighbors' alarm and well before my own Saturday morning wakey time) with an organizational gleam in my eye. I hopped out of bed, went through the usual morning routine and sat down to make my list.

A few short hours later, and well before lunch, I had wiped out most of those tasks and felt exhilarated. And here I am posting my blog a whole day early. The real secret to the To Do list is to make sure you have actionable tasks on it. If you list things like "write a book" or "remodel the kitchen" you're never going to get anywhere. If you list things like "write 1500 words" or "stop at Lowe's to look at paint" you'll be on your way.

My entry in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest continues to do well. I posted a synopsis for it on Gather, for critique and for advertising. I didn't get as far as I would have hoped on the editing, but I never do. I'm also working on my webpage. That will take a really long time. HTML is not my favorite thing and I'm too ambitious for my modest programming skills. Well, one mor thing for the To Do list.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Here I Am!

Ah, such a momentous thing. The first post. The one no one read. Why is it these things are like writing query letters? I can write 10 pages of prose in a day and suffer for a week over the exact wording of something like this.

I have dreamed of being a published writer since I was a little girl, shortly after my father told me poets didn't make any money. I was 10. Now, I'm 38 teaching, preschool in Seoul, South Korea and still writing. I think I'm getting better though.

In this blog, I plan to post each Sunday (give or take) what's going on in my fabulous writing career. Currently, I'm in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest and doing pretty well. I also do a lot of reading and writing about everything that interests me so there will be some of that here too. And probably some stuff about my kids. I don't have biological children, but I am a dedicated teacher and the kids I teach form the background noise of my life.

So let's just end this one here and move on.