Sunday, September 28, 2008

My 4 Week Anniversary

Four weeks ago tomorrow, One Ring to Rule came out and appeared on the Lyrical Press bestseller list. I searched the list to see where the other books that came out the same day, my peers in a what, were. They weren't there. I thought, hmmm. It hung in there for 2 weeks before Lyrical released another group of titles.

Before those titles came out I was sweating. Would my little novella get shoved off the list by the new kids? Would it vanish into the annals never to be seen again? Would it ever appear on the publisher's front page again? No, seriously, I worried about all this stuff. If I had a job or kids I might think about something else, but here I am.

But it didn't fall off the list! Joy!

A couple of days ago it dropped to #10. I was shaking in my boots. Not really in my boots. My boots are across the room (they're really cool too. I got them in Seoul and - Oh, off topic.) I wrote a couple of emails and posted an article on Gather and the little novella that could climbed up to #9.

More joy!

Now I can say my novella was on the bestseller list for a month. A whole month.

I wonder if it can make two!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Love Dr. Keller

I've been utterly addicted to Stargate SG-1 for year, but I never got into Atlantis. I tried a couple of times and it just didn't connect.

Until this season. I was doing handsprings when Samantha Carter took over Atlantis and then stunned into immobility when Jewel Staite showed up as Dr. Keller. I love Jewel Staite. She plays characters that I can identify with and Dr. Keller is no exception. She's brave enough to take on the post of Chief Medical Officer in the Pegasus Galaxy, but she draws the line at gross food. I can identify.

When Samantha Carter was ordered back to Stargate Command, I got a little nervous. Stargate is known for knocking off characters and bringing them back -- or not. I mean, geez, how many times has Daniel died? So I've been sweating when they were going to get rid of her.

This week's episode relieved my anxiety a lot. Not only was it a Dr. Keller centered episode, but it established a love triangle with her at one corner. Yay! I can't wait to watch Dr. McKay competing with Ronon Dex. Yay! And it's a love story arc. Double yay!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New Release From a Pal

Daringly DeliciousLook who's "come" to Dareville!

Daringly Delicious - Leigh Ellwood

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When it comes to chocolate, Tish Richmond delivers the goods. Her home business, Tish's Riches, is booming, and a new contract with Dareville's popular grocery store allows her the opportunity to expand her reach. Happy as she should be for the exposure, Tish longs to stop her waistline from expanding further so love can reach her.

Gorgeous Vinnie comes to Dareville to work for his uncle's limousine company. One look at Tish and he's struck by the sexy, voluptuous entrepreneur. Can he convince Tish that the size of her dishes don't matter to him, and will she let him satisfy his sweet tooth?

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Know It's a Story, Right?

When my novella came out, I sent emails to everyone I knew asking them to buy it and spread the word. Several friends stepped up and bought the story which made me very happy. Then I got an email from one asking if everything was alright between me and my husband.


The story involves a comic book artist and a comic book editor who had split up years earlier. The artist shows up at a convention to get the editor back.

My husband was a comic book artist. I went to many conventions. I was writing what I knew. But it's not autobiography. None of it is really autobiography. Parts do come from my life. Other parts come from my friends lives and yet others come from movies I've seen, dreams I've had and straight out of my own fevered brain.

I emailed the friend and told him not to worry, but I have to wonder, do people really think my life is that interesting? That exciting and stressful? God, I hope not. The pain and humiliation I put Lindsey and Kent through I wouldn't wish on anyone. At least not anyone real. My characters I'll continue to torment for my own jollies.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Upcoming Conference

Kick A$$ Characters By Authors Who Know How To Kick A$$

September 12-13 at Romance Divas


Bob Mayer

Lori Avocato

Maggie Price

Lindsay McKenna

Barry Eisler

Linnea Sinclair

Larissa Ione

Merline Lovelace

Want to know how to write authentic action, suspense, law enforcement, and military romance? Ask authors who know firsthand! Romance Divas is hosting a 2-day workshop with some of the hottest names in the genre. It will take place at the Romance Diva Forum. All are welcome. To get access to the forum you will need to register by entering the site and clicking on Forum.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's Good To Be Creative

So my husband locked us out of the house today.

When we went to Korea last time, we left a set of keys with a friend who managed to lose the one for the door knob. We've been very carefully not locking the knob, just the bolt.  Arriving home from lunch today however, my husband says, "oh no."

See, now when my husband says that my automatic instinct to smother my face in my hands. It's got to be genetic memory or something.

My husband says, "oh no. I think I locked us out of the house." I started working on the window on the front porch to see if I could get it open. It's latched. He announces that he's going to the neighbor's to call a locksmith. I decide to wander around the house looking for an alternative that won't cost me money. The house is nearly a 100 years old, so there's flaws in the security design. After trying a couple of windows, I settled on the dining room window. Around that time my husband came back because the neighbor wasn't home. Using a trowel that shouldn't have been sitting in the porch, I wedged open one of the dining room windows while the neighbor's dog barked at me. I kept telling him it was okay because I was breaking into my own house, but he didn't believe me. Husband climbed through the window and unlocked the front door.

Tomorrow, we're getting a new doorknob and cutting some boards to jam the dining room windows closed. Next time we get locked out, I'll have to be more creative.