Monday, October 6, 2008

He's finally married!

My big brother got married yesterday! He's always been the marrying kind, but never met a good match. My sister met her hubby nearly 20 years ago. I have been hitched for 17 years now. Big Bro has been jealous the entire time. Several years ago he met his sweetheart, but she was married at the time so he, being the good guy that he is, didn't give her a second thought. Well, she wised up to the monster she'd married, got a divorce and after a year or so mutual friends started making a point of throwing them together as much as possible. It stuck.

Big Bro and the brand new SIL were married yesterday in a lovely outdoor ceremony with freakishly good weather for Ohio. The bees were in abundance and the minister called Big Bro Paul twice. Big Bro's name is not Paul. The best man's name was Paul. Oops. The florist forgot to deliver the throw away bouquet, so we had to invent one out of a centerpiece. The caterers screwed up and cut the top layer of the cake.

Of course this just gave my sister and I a chance to stand on the side lines and compare disasters from our own weddings. My dad got caught in her dress when he walked her up the aisle, a bee buzzed her flowered head piece in the middle of the ceremony, and she had a little too much champagne on the way to the pictures so she was standing up through the limo sunroof yelling all the way to the reception. I said 'yeah' instead of 'I do," tried to put Guitarman's ring on the wrong finger and we had a cloudburst in the middle of out open air reception.

While we weren't watching, Guitarman convinced one of my nephews to peddle cookies to the golfers on the neighboring course and my brother-in-law plotted revenge for the shaving creaming of his car 18 years ago. He bought 4 packages of sticky notes and we covered Big Bro's black Mustang in hearts, flowers and leaves. I can't wait to see the pictures.

So what's the funniest thing you've seen, intentional of accidental at a wedding?


Carol said...

Hmmm. My funniest wedding story might be the time I was maid of honor in my big sis's wedding. We bridesmaids were all lined up prepared to start our trip down the isle and everybody in the pews was standing,staring toward our open doorway, waiting for their first glimpse of the bride. Instead they saw me scuttling past the doorway on my hands and knees, chasing after the ring as it rolled across the floor. I'd dropped it and it landed on the train of my sister's wedding dress and she was about to walk unknowingly down the isle, carrying off the ring that I was supposed to be carrying for her! I caught her at the last second though.

Oh yeah, also at that wedding, one bridesmaid stepped on the hem of her skirt before stepping off the platform at the end of the wedding and pulled her skirt down.

Amanda Brice said...

My niece had practiced long and hard for her big debut as a flowergirl (she turned 3 one week before the wedding) and she was ready. She had that whole petal dropping thing down pat.

Only when the Big Day came, she walked down the aisle with her little basket, smiling sweetly (unlike her twin brother, the terror who literally ran down the aisle)...and neglected to drop a single petal. She realized her mistake when she got to the altar, so she proceeded to turn the basket upside down and dump all the petals in a heap at the front of the aisle.

Very cute!

Charlotte McClain said...


Very funny. I can see that happening.


That is so cute. Total kid logic.

Inez Kelley said...

Argument in the middle of the ceremony and a groom that refuses to kiss his new bride. Oh wait, that is my book. Comes out next summer from Samhain!

I love quirky wedding stories!